I remember our first call with F+S Designs and we had three other top architects already shortlisted across India. It was clear on the call that it is not just a commercial relationship, but building a bonding, understanding and delivering. I clearly remember Faisal mentioning we don't build houses, we build homes and would take care of you till you finally move in. That finally came true too; they helped choose tapestry of each furniture, cutlery, lamps, bed sheets, to even door mats from the best vendors.

Candidly, it was during the pandemic, and their team was very accommodative of not only physically visiting stores, but also taking all precautions, and did almost 90% of our interiors shopping online. That's a good segue where they helped to get the best-in-class resources and research for our minimalist and contemporary design concept. Each and every nook and corner of our home was looked into in fine detail, and F+S Designs could quickly gauge our taste and recommend only the coziest. I like the way they were organized and structured in their approach. In fact, they implanted a lot of different thought provoking and creative unique ideas, which we never imagined.

Another aspect we liked is their continuous availability on all days of the week to select, discuss progress on the project status. Delivering in the time of pandemic on schedule was a big achievement. We actually visited the site no more than 5 times before it was handed over, that's the trust we had in F+S Designs. To our surprise, before we just moved in, we had residents taking photos, videos, selfies in our home, that talks about how well it is liked. We haven't taken vacation since the pandemic started, and now we don't need one since F+S made it as good as a vacation home.

Charitra Mehta

Dear Faisal & Shamila, I am very happy and proud of all of you. The office is luxurious and outstanding to say the least. I feel this appreciation and recognition is not enough.

To be frank, I never thought of or dreamt of this kind of office. All this happened solely because of F+S Team’s creativity and innovative imagination. Hats off to all of you. Your services are par excellence, uncompromising in quality, unique, ultimate, extremely well, client-oriented and so on. Your work speaks.

All of my guests were shocked and surprised to see the office. It was highly appreciated and admired by one and all.

Anandram Sarda

When we set out to decide on the interiors of our home, each of the family members, belonging to the three generations had a personal preference and liking. As the father of fast-growing millennial kids, and the son of a perfectionist father, it was hard to play the balancing act, and ensuring that everyone was happy.

That's when we met Faisal and Shamila. After a thorough understanding of individual needs and choices, they designed and executed our beautiful home to perfection. Faisal and Shamila's pursuit for excellence, combined with their unmatched involvement and commitment, and above all a pleasant and understanding demeanour, not only makes them stand apart but legions ahead of the rest.

Jayesh R. Tekchandaney
Technical Director- UNIQUE MIXERS (MUMBAI)

When I think of Faisal and Shamila, I think of them as a family. The sense of ownership and accountability they had throughout the entire project was no less than what we would have had ourselves. They take pride in every bit of work they do, and try to outdo themselves each time. Faisal and Shamila are uncompromising in their approach and creativity. They are always available to personally oversee the entire project and leave no stone unturned (literally) to ensure the highest standards of quality in execution. We are extremely happy to have chosen F+S and wish them the very best!

Aparna Gorepatti
Co-Founder- Zuci Chocolates (Hyderabad)

F+S Designs has a gift not only for design, but also for quickly getting to know a customer and intuitively displaying that person’s favorite “things” in their home. Consulting with them was both professional and prompt. Great ideas were brought to the table which included room by room design. Paint color, bedding, lamps, plus accessory suggestions. I would highly recommend F+S as they are all about putting the client first and their goals before presenting ideas. Keep innovating and elevating customer experiences!! Wish them all the very best!

Asish Saha
Managing Director- AK Distributors Automobiles PVT LTD (Calcutta)

Faisal, Shamila and team are very professional and up to date. They listened very well to my needs and ideas and they turned it to a masterpiece. Very easy to communicate with. I had a great experience working with them and their team.

Maryam Geddes
CEO and Executive Director- L'Abrea Cosmetics (Sydney)

When we were looking for Architects for our dream project Zuci, the first thing that struck me about F+S Designs is the versatility of their portfolio. Between commercial, residential and theme-based projects, I did not find any repetition- each project was done on its merits and there was a distinct design element to each. Our very first meeting, we were able to strike a chord and match our wavelength. Throughout the entire duration of the project, I would see both Faisal and Shamila ideating, debating and trying to give the best. They bring a sort of freshness, innovation and create things that are outstanding. We had a great experience working with the entire F+S team. Kudos to all your effort!

Chaitanya Gorrepatti
Co-Founder- Zuci Chocolates (Hyderabad)

Deciding to work with F+S Designs and entrusting them to transform our newly acquired apartment into a home was the most important decision. It is very satisfying when a decision we make turns out to have been the best one.

When we first met Faisal and Shamila, we knew we had found what we needed: a group of young, enthusiastic, sensitive designers. We soon found their team to be talented and efficient. But what impressed us the most was their ability to listen to our story, who we were and what we had in mind. From there, they were able to propose a beautiful concept encompassing the essence of our vision. Very calmly and expertly, they have designed a unique and beautiful world we love! The team knows where to find the right products and materials, which led us in new and different directions that provided beautiful solutions. We all were on the same page from day one and they were incredibly professional and detailed with their planning and design. They helped us choose and buy furniture, put us in touch with some very skilled and professional contractors. We can’t wait to see the superb final result and live in our own little world!

Working with F+S Designs has been a pleasure in every aspect of the process; funny, smart, tasteful, brilliant and full of character! We also made some great friends.

Vineeth Alluri
DIRECTOR- Prometrik Engineering LTD (hyderabad)

We are deeply indebted to Mr. Faisal Vohra, Mrs. Shamila Meeran and team at F+S Designs who gave life to our vision through their impeccable design, architecture and construction services.

We started with a small concept of a central office to house all the key departments but the facilitation workshops conducted by Faisal expanded our vision and helped us dream to become first choice quality institution with a world class facility that empowers employees with sense of belongingness and purpose.

Utilization of every inch of such a prime real estate to accommodate work space, server rooms, training rooms, lobbies, lounges, conference facilities, libraries, research spaces and more apart from exuberant galleries and spacious walkways is a testimony to their mastery of design.

Quality of each finely crafted desk or any furniture or fixture is such that it radiates energy and looks new even after 6 years of rigorous usage. Soundproof Recording studio and vintage-themed canteen are the master pieces that can only be experienced not explained.

We recommend F+S Designs to any visionary organization or individual who knows how to appreciate quality, elegance and simplicity at work with value for money.

Mohammed Lateef Khan
Founder- MS Educational Institutions (Hyderabad)

We had an amazing experience working with F+S Designs. With the help of the talented couple, Mr. Faisal and Mrs. Shamila, we have achieved our dream house.

Considering the circumstances of our project, we were happy to see Mr. Faisal take it up as a personal challenge and execute his ideas. Their contemporary designs fused splendidly with our minimalistic, cozy requirements, and we ended up with a very beautiful home.

The project was handled very responsibly and masterfully, which reassured us thoroughly.

Ravi Vuppala
Owner- Sree Krishna Jewelers (Hyderabad)

I had approached F+S Designs for the interior design of our first house. They are very professional, we felt comfortable and confident seeing their unique style of works - simple and clean. I had immediately given the project to them and I was impressed with designs and very happy with the outcome for our first house. I can wholeheartedly recommend F+S Designs. They really do care about their projects till the end and they are awesome at what they do. I am grateful that they were my first choice.

Thank you, F+S Designs. Wish you all the success in life.

Manney Subrahmanyam
Presdent- Mpower Infratech India PVT LTD (Hyderabad)